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As part of its activities, Madessa and its associated companies (hereinafter referred to as “Madessa”, “we”, “us” and “our”) collect and process personal information of its clients, candidates, employees, visitors and users. The protection of personal information and privacy is of paramount importance to Madessa. Therefore, we have implemented protective measures in accordance with the laws in force, including the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.

This policy describes what personal information is, the means by which we collect data, our procedures for retaining and destroying personal data, as well as your rights regarding the retention of personal data.


Personal information is information that allows the direct or indirect identification of a natural person.


2.1. Means by which personal information is collected

The personal information collected by Madessa is provided to us directly by you, verbally or in writing, in particular, when:

  • You send your application via our email box;
  • You apply for one of our jobs available via the Madessa website or any other job posting platforms;
  • You communicate by telephone or email with one of our representatives;
  • You create and use your account on the Madessa Portal online;
  • You browse our website using cookies;
  • You complete surveys, studies or entry forms for competitions;
  • You are starting a temporary or permanent job through Madessa;
  • You subscribe to Madessa’s email communications (newsletters, job alerts, etc.);
  • You contact us to make a comment, question or complaint;
  • You communicate with us when an event, incident or accident occurs as part of your employment process or your employment through Madessa.

Our team may also have access to public information that you choose to share on your social networks in order to get in touch to offer you jobs that may interest you and discuss your career path, for example.

2.2. Personal Information Categories

Madessa has grouped, in the form of categories, the personal information that we may collect from you as well as the purposes for which it is collected.

Information CategoriesExamples of information
Identification and Communication InformationYour full nameYour contact details (postal address, email address, telephone)Your spoken language(s)Your sex and gender
Information relating to work, education or trainingYour CV, diplomas and public information on your professional social networks may contain personal information, such as:Your complete work experience, including: your title, description of your tasks, your place of work, your dates of employment, the reason for your departure, if applicableYour diplomas, academic results and educational establishments attended
Information when you are a temporary or permanent employee of MadessaYour date of birthYour emergency contactYour criminal historyYour medical history that may cause limitations for the position offeredYour allergy(s) and medication(s), if applicablePerformance-related information, such as evaluations, feedback from supervisors and customers, etc.Administrative or disciplinary information, such as absences, lateness, conflicts, warnings, misconduct, etc.
Compensation and benefits informationYour salary and benefits expectationsYour bank account numberYour social insurance number
Information you choose to share with usAny other information you decide to share with us may be entered into the file if it is deemed relevant to the provision of our services.

2.3. Use of personal information

The purposes for which Madessa processes your personal information are mainly to be able to offer you the services requested and communicate to you relevant information relating to the services requested. This information may be intended in particular to offer you suitable employment adapted to your skills and aspirations, to ensure your safety in your workplace, to ensure the administrative management of your file, your leave requests and vacation, to produce your pay or other social benefits, to ensure the management of your performance or your professional development, the management of your disciplinary file, etc. We may also use your personal data to send you promotional emails, newsletters, job alerts, event invitations, career-related information, and other information that may be of interest to you. . You can choose not to receive communications from us or select the type of communication by clicking on the unsubscribe link or following the instructions in the email received.

2.4 Consent

By sharing your personal information with Madessa by any of the means set out in point 2.1, you consent to it being processed in accordance with what is set out in this policy, and you authorize Madessa and its partners to process your personal information in accordance with for the purposes set out below. This information will be treated confidentially and used exclusively for the purposes stated.


The personal information collected is necessary in order to provide the requested services. We may share certain information, such as your resume or name, with trusted third parties or a public body (such as a court or government agency). You will be notified in advance by one of our representatives if applicable.


Cookies are small files that websites send to users’ devices to be able to track their online behavior. This information relates to your device, your browser, and how you explore our content. Cookies are used for statistical purposes and allow us to assist in data processing, in addition to providing a more personalized experience to users by understanding their behavior on our website. The data collected by cookies is confidential. You can disable or block cookies by configuring your browser settings.


The personal information collected is retained for a maximum period of six (6) years for financial and administrative purposes. The disclosure of your personal information and/or request for deletion must be made to the email address or by telephone at (450) 978-2525 ext. 109. Full identification of the person making the request will be required and only this person will have access to this data. Deletion requests will be processed within 30 days from the date the request is received by email.


The user can request to know, rectify or cancel the personal information held about him in the files of Madessa and its associated companies. For any verification, comment or complaint on this subject, make a written request to the Personal Information Protection Manager at


Madessa may update or modify the content of this Policy at any time. It is therefore recommended to consult it regularly. In the event of a major change, the people affected by the change will be contacted by email to notify them.This version was updated on October 10th, 2023.