About us

Madessa differentiates itself by its unique approach, which redefines recruitment in the field of skilled trades. We convey a professional and dynamic experience and our consultants exhibit a high level of confidentiality and flexibility. The recruitment process is cordial and delivers accurate and compelling results. This is why Madessa Professionnel is more of a collaborator contributing to the success of your business by only recommending candidates of the highest calibre.

Our values


your global performance is our core priority. We invest ourselves wholeheartedly in each mandate and because we strive for constant improvement, our team of experts are able to provide you with a successful and long-lasting employee-employer match, just as we would with our in-house staff.


Our partnerships also stand for an engagement to open communications along with a process that is professional, honest and transparent. Compromising with Madessa is an assurance of comprehensive, loyal and confidential services.


As business associates, we believe that trust and integrity should be at the forefront of our partnership. We make it our goal to cultivate and upload a cooperative relationship with our clients and our candidates.


Our commitment to provide outstanding and personalized services is unfaltering. We work relentlessly to acquire new work methods in order to deliver creative and proactive solutions to meet your expectations.


Why us?

  • Recruitment firm specialized in skilled trades and management
  • Personalized and confidential services
  • Tailored staffing solutions
  • Wide-ranging recruitment network
  • Comprehensive bank of jobs and highly qualified candidates
  • Reliable recruitment experts
  • Clear, straightforward and timely responses
  • Expertise in human resource services
  • Close partnership
  • Replacement guarantee


Made-to-measure recruitment solutions:

Our mission statement is to assist our clients to fill positions in different business sectors and for enterprises of varying sizes. Our human approach to doing business allows us to provide personalized services that are efficient and accommodating with clear results. On account of their expertise and qualifications, our recruitment experts have a flair for singling out and rapidly assessing your needs. They take the time to build long withstanding business relationships founded on trust and transparency. What’s more, they meet each candidate in order to get a comprehensive outline of the applicant’s profile, therefore ensuring the perfect match for your organization.

Find out why so many enterprises place their trust in us.

  • A clear understanding of your demands
  • A collaborative effort with continuous communication
  • An in-depth search for talents
  • Recruitment of higher quality candidates
  • Thorough profile assessment
  • An innovative approach to recruitment
  • Recruitment that exceeds your expectations